Friday, March 7, 2014


Wow, I've apparently taken an extremely long hiatus from blogging. But in my defense, life has been CRAZY. Being a mom definitely takes away any free time you thought you had. Oh how I miss those days!!!

Let's see... what's new? Noah will be turning TWO this month. Yikes! Where has the time gone?!?! He's such an active kid, that he always keep Troy and I on our toes. He'll be starting preschool in the fall, so out next challenge is potty training! EEK! Hopefully he takes well to that.

I've also started on a new business venture... joined the Jamberry team. It's these amazing nail wraps that stay on your fingers longer than polish and they're wayyyyy cheaper than going out to get a manicure. AND you can do it right from home! There's over 300 designs to choose from... ranging from super colorful, to regular french tips, to baseball, to plain colors, to some collegiate teams, and you can even design your own wraps!!! I fell in love with them from day 1 (no lie!!) and haven't looked back!! Each sheet does about 2-4 manis and pedis and most sheets are buy 3 get 1 free!! They're super easy to put on too! Check out my website and facebook page for more info and to see the designs! I am also more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
For a free sample, fill out this form:

Troy and I ventured to Europe last September and we LOVED it!!! Traveled to London, Paris, and Rome in a ten day span SANS NOAH. Such a great trip!!! After we came back, Troy started his new job at a private firm. Seems to enjoy it a lot. :)

Hopefully the next update isn't that far away... we're planning a Disneyland trip soon, so more on that later on!! Until next time... :)