Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Okay so I need to admit.... I'm a huge Twilight junkie. I've read all the books... twice. Have all the movies. Bought all the movie guides. I definitely don't like the movies for the acting (can you say horrible??). Don't know what it is..... maybe that forever love??? All that ridiculous drama? Team Edward vs. Team Jacob?? Whatever the case, I'm BEYOND excited for the final installment to come out in a couple of months (not to mention relieved that I won't have to wait for another movie to come out). While I'll wait a couple of weeks to avoid the teenage craziness, I'll definitely go pay to see the movie in the theater (which is an extremely RARE occurrence these days). Troy's not really a big fan, but I seem to have got my sister hooked on it!


  1. I read all the books too! The're right, the acting is horrible, I couldn't get into it. Have you read the Hunger Games?

    1. No, haven't read Hunger Games yet. Things just got too busy once Noah came. I haven't had a chance to read at all!!! Sleep is just to precious these days. :)