Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recalled Bumbo

This morning I was sent this article that informs Bumbo seat users of a recall. At this point, I'm shaking in my pants since we own a couple of them, thinking that there is something legitimately wrong with the seat. But really.... after reading it, it's just a recall to cover their butts because there are parents that just can't do what they're supposed to do... WATCH YOUR KIDS. Yeah okay, falling out of a chair can cause skull fractures... DUH. Does that mean we need straps on every single chair that exists?? A grown adult can fall out of a chair and crack his/her head.... should they sue?? This is just as ridiculous as the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit. I mean, REALLY?!?!?! Shouldn't it be the parents' fault for leaving their child in the chair unattended? Would the restraint strap even work?? Wouldn't the whole chair just topple over?? These seats are NOT heavy and any child would be able to tip it over. *sigh* What the heck.....

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