Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lute Pride & Throwback Thursday

Okay, so I went to this small University in Tacoma, Washington, for my four wonderful college years. But as small as it is, I seriously had the best time of my life!! Not to mention, I got to meet great friends and my future husband!! Pacific Lutheran University.... ever heard of it? Didn't think so. No worries. According to Forbes' Top Colleges, PLU isn't the bottom of the Washington state schools. So I'm okay with it. :)

PLU has a Summer Photo Contest for people to show off Lute pride. (Yeah, I could get into the whole thing about "what's a Lute?" but that'll have to come later.) So a bunch of my Lute friends and I got together to show off our Lute gear in front of Waiola's. What do you think?

We really miss the Washington snow but make do in Hawai'i with Shave Ice!
Noah even made it to the picture!! I love my friend's caption.... creative, no??? Love it. Here's a few more pictures from the weekend.... all Lute related.
Noah loves his Aunty Wai!
GREAT picture. Love seeing people trying to make Noah smile. :)
Now onto Throwback Thursday.... figured might as well include my PLU friends! This takes us back to Easter 2006 (aww.... missing Lars!!). Do we look the same??

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