Friday, July 13, 2012


10 points to who can guess what friggatriskaidekaphobia is...... fear of (blank)...

(Jeopardy song playing....)

Okay time's up.

Any good guesses?

C'mon now...

Answer is.....

Fear of Friday the 13th! For some odd reason, I wikipedia'd it. How odd, yes I know.

To all the moms, expectant moms, or anyone who wants/needs to buy baby/children clothes, toys, games, decorations, etc. out there.... DEAL ALERT!
I've gotten so sucked into zulily. They have such cute stuff and the prices are pretty decent. But of course since I live in Hawaii, shipping ain't that great. EXCEPT that you get free shipping for a couple of days once you put in your first order. So of course I've purchased some totally unnecessary things, but just couldn't resist!! Click on this link for an invite. The deals only go on for a few days (sometimes even one) and there's limited quantities, so gotta act fast!

Any friggatriskaidekaphobia victims out there?

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