Friday, March 7, 2014


Wow, I've apparently taken an extremely long hiatus from blogging. But in my defense, life has been CRAZY. Being a mom definitely takes away any free time you thought you had. Oh how I miss those days!!!

Let's see... what's new? Noah will be turning TWO this month. Yikes! Where has the time gone?!?! He's such an active kid, that he always keep Troy and I on our toes. He'll be starting preschool in the fall, so out next challenge is potty training! EEK! Hopefully he takes well to that.

I've also started on a new business venture... joined the Jamberry team. It's these amazing nail wraps that stay on your fingers longer than polish and they're wayyyyy cheaper than going out to get a manicure. AND you can do it right from home! There's over 300 designs to choose from... ranging from super colorful, to regular french tips, to baseball, to plain colors, to some collegiate teams, and you can even design your own wraps!!! I fell in love with them from day 1 (no lie!!) and haven't looked back!! Each sheet does about 2-4 manis and pedis and most sheets are buy 3 get 1 free!! They're super easy to put on too! Check out my website and facebook page for more info and to see the designs! I am also more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
For a free sample, fill out this form:

Troy and I ventured to Europe last September and we LOVED it!!! Traveled to London, Paris, and Rome in a ten day span SANS NOAH. Such a great trip!!! After we came back, Troy started his new job at a private firm. Seems to enjoy it a lot. :)

Hopefully the next update isn't that far away... we're planning a Disneyland trip soon, so more on that later on!! Until next time... :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tis the Season for Pumpkins!

Love pumpkin flavored goodies!!!!! Holiday season must almost be here!!!!

Last weekend, tried the Pumpkin Smash Jamba Juice. SERIOUSLY holiday in a cup!!

My uncle went on a trip the other week and brought back Ghiradelli squares. Tried this Pumpkin Spice chocolate and it was seriously DELICIOUS.

 This past weekend bought me the Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese. But now that I have a recipe to follow, I'll be making this year round!!!

And can't forget Noah.... (here he is at a pumpkin patch this past weekend)
... he loves pumpkins too!!!!

Speaking of my little guy, he turns 7 months old today!!!! The past week has been rather eventful, with him pulling himself up to a stand and has even begun CRAWLING!! (Note to self mama, babyproof the house ASAP!!) He hates being locked up in the baby jail I bought for him and looks at me with his sad eyes. Poor guy!! Been eating rice cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so will probably be introducing baby food to him really soon. Ahhh so much going on!!!!! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Crockpot Obsessed

Helloooooooooo October!!

Can I just say how much I LOVE October?? It seems to be the official kickoff to the holiday season!! First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas!! Love Christmas. Seriously. L.O.V.E.

October also marks the beginning of PUMPKIN recipes!!! Love baking pumpkin ANYTHING. Bread. Pie. Bars. Crunch. I'll try pumpkin anything. Gotta admit.... I just wiped drool from my face! :-P

So I'm completely obsessed with my crockpot now. Best kitchen invention ever. Minus the KitchenAid mixer. Whoever invented these things are geniuses!!! Made two crockpot meals within the past few days and I'll definitely be making them again.

First were these ranch pork chops. Delish. And only used 3 ingredients. No need to prep anything. Just mix and press a button!! Easy peasy. There looked like there was extra sauce, so I even threw in a couple of chicken breasts I had in the fridge, and those worked just fine too. Might want to butterfly them next time thought since it was a little dry in the middle. Minor though. Hubby loved this too!

Next were these pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. A little more complicated than my first meal, but STILL super easy. Put the chicken in some sweet bread rolls and you've got a winner!!

I wish I was creative enough and had the time to make my own recipes, but those will come with time I guess... something I don't really have much of nowadays. Little dude turned 6 months last week! (Height and head circumference is in the 75th percentile and his weight is in the 5th.) Had 4 shots on Saturday... my poor guy! But took them like a trooper. Cried while getting them, but after I picked him up, he was all better. :) He's definitely proving to be a mama's boy! Lucky me..... :)

So excited for the holidays... Noah's first time for all this!! He's already been introduced to Christmas music... my iPod's been rocking it for at least a month already! Can't wait for it all. Seriously so excited! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bread Pudding

Drool. Need I say more??? Used sweet bread and loved it!!

Before I made this, I could probably count on two hands how many times I've eaten bread pudding. Always thought it was super difficult to make, so I didn't even bother looking at a recipe. But now that I've made this twice, I'm in love!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Okay so I need to admit.... I'm a huge Twilight junkie. I've read all the books... twice. Have all the movies. Bought all the movie guides. I definitely don't like the movies for the acting (can you say horrible??). Don't know what it is..... maybe that forever love??? All that ridiculous drama? Team Edward vs. Team Jacob?? Whatever the case, I'm BEYOND excited for the final installment to come out in a couple of months (not to mention relieved that I won't have to wait for another movie to come out). While I'll wait a couple of weeks to avoid the teenage craziness, I'll definitely go pay to see the movie in the theater (which is an extremely RARE occurrence these days). Troy's not really a big fan, but I seem to have got my sister hooked on it!